Lake Hamana Cycling Road

Great views of the sea and mountains! Enjoy cycling all the way around Lake Hamana!

Lake Hamana (Hamanako), in the western part of Hamamatsu City, has the shoreline among brackish lakes in Japan. Lake Hamana Cycling Road is a cycling trail that was laid out to lie almost full circle around the lake. Many people come to this cycling road where one can feel and enjoy the nature of Lake Hamana, some enjoy riding road bikes in earnest, some find pleasure in a light-hearted ride with rental bicycles during their trip
Photo:Top 南浜名湖.com/Bottom 奥浜名湖観光協会
Lake Hamana has a variety of places to see depending on each area. On the south side of the lake connected with the sea, there is Maisaka Town with the iconic red shrine gate standing in the sea, and a historic town Arai where Arai Sekisho (a historical checkpoint) still remains. On the north side, connected with the mountains is Mikkabi Town famous for mandarin oranges, and Sunza Town where marine sports are popular. In addition, the relaxing scenery is charming in this area with quaint stations scattered along the Tenryu Hamanako Railroad. On the west side, there are a number of attractions to visit: Kanzan Temple with hot-spring resort, Hamanako Pal Pal, Hamanako Flower Park and Hamanako Garden Park.One can freely enjoy cycling during their trip as bicycles can be rented at bicycle rental terminals located in 7 spots around Lake Hamana. Bicycles can be dropped off at each terminal, so feel free to cycle wherever you'd like.
Bicycle rental "Cycling Around Hamanako YURIN"
※Please understand that the condition or numbers of bicycles and the status of accepting may be changed according to circumstances.
Kaikokan Terminal/海湖館ターミナル
PLACE In Arai Benten sea fishing park
PHONE 053-594-6624
OPEN 9am~4:30pm
Araimachi Eki-nishi Terminal/新居町駅西ターミナル
PLACE JR Araimachi station western neighbor
PHONE 053-594-5022
OPEN 9am~4pm
Bentenjima Kaihin koen Terminal/弁天島海浜公園ターミナル
PLACE The south side of the JR Bentenjima station
PHONE 053-596-4187
OPEN Apr-Sep 9:00am-4:30pm
Oct-Mar 9am~3:30pm
CLOSE 12/28-1/4
Kid's bicycles/ Electric bicycles available
Nagisaen terminal/渚園ターミナル
PLACE Nagisaen administrative builiding
PHONE 053-592-1525
OPEN 8:30am~5pm
Kanzanji Terminal/舘山寺ターミナル
PLACE Kanzanji Onsen tourism association
PHONE 053-487-0152
OPEN 9am~4:30pm
Kid's bicycles available
Kiga Eki Terminal/気賀駅ターミナル
PLACE In Tenryu Hamanako Railroad "Kiga Eki"
PHONE 053-522-4720
OPEN 9am~4:30pm
Kid's bicycles available
Cannot accept abandoned vehicles
Mikkabi Eki Terminal/三ヶ日駅ターミナル
PLACE In Tenryu Hamanako Railroad "Mikkabi Eki"
PHONE 053-525-0102
OPEN 9am~4pm
Electric bicycles available (extra charge apply)

Adult / day ¥500〜¥520
Child 12 and under / day ¥300〜¥310
Deposit ¥1,000〜¥1,030
Added for drop ¥1,000〜1,030
  • Deposit is charged to every customer and refunded upon return of the bicycle.
  • Bicycles can be dropped off anywhere between terminals. In such cases, deposit is paid as drop fee and not paid back.
In the case of flat tire
Each terminal deals with the case differently. We request that you check with the terminal when renting.
How to rent
Fill in and submit the application for bicycle rental at each terminal.
Also submit some form of identification (passport, drivers' license, health insurance card, student identification, banking card, etc.) together with the application.
Sample of application for bicycle rental (English ver.)
click to enlarge
Referring to the sample, fill in all fields inside the red frame of the application (4 copies) and submit at the terminals.
Lake Hamana Sightseeing Cruiser
At three different boarding locations on the shore of Lake Hamana, you can load your bicycle onto the Lake Hamana Sightseeing Cruiser at the coast of 200 yen per bike. How about enjoying a different scenery that is different from the shore while cruising Lake Hamana?
Since the one-way course that connects Kanzanji and Mikkabi is slightly shorten from the course around Lake Hamana, it is recommended even if you are a bit tired.
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