Lake Hamana Flower Festa 2021

Flower fes

Springtime in Japan begins at Lake Hamana

March 20 (Sat) - June 13 (Sun), 2021
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Hamamatsu Flower Park(Cherry Blossoms and Tulips)
In Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka prefecture that is known for its largest production of gerberas and various flowers, "Lake Hamana Flower Festa" is held every spring. Around Lake Hamana and its environs that have a warm climate and it is known as a place of seasonal flowers to be proud of throughout the year. You can enjoy seeing seasonal flowers in bloom at fifteen sites in Hamamatsu including Hamamatsu Flower Park in a relay form.
Hosoe-cho Miyakoda river embankment(Cherry Blossoms)photo by Oku-hamanako Tourism Association
Hamamatsu Flower Park(Cherry Blossoms)
Hamamatsu Flower Park(Wisteria)
Kaname Shrine(Genpei Weeping Plum Blossoms)photo by Oku-hamanako Tourism Association
Satsuki Azeleas
Ryotanji Temple(Satsuki Azeleas)photo by Oku-hamanako Tourism Association
Hamanako Garden Park(Roses)
Okuyama Kogen(Hydrangeas)photo by Oku-hamanako Tourism Association
Hamamatsu Flower Park(Irises)
Lake Hamana spring flower relay / site map
Genpei Weeping Plum Blossoms
Okusa-yama Sato Noen
Okuyama Kogen
Cherry Blossoms/Tulips
Hamamatsu Flower Park
Cherry Blossoms
Hamamatsu Castle Park
Okuyama Park
⑩ Honkoji Temple
Miyama Azaleas
⑧ Shotaiji Temple
Cherry Blossoms
⑪ Hosoe-cho Miyakoda river embankment
Genpei Weeping Plum Blossoms
⑫ Kaname Shrine
Chinese Fringe Flower
⑬ Kosai-shi Kanza
May to June
Shibukawa Azaleas
⑭ Shibukawa Azalea Park
Satsuki Azeleas
Ryotanji Temple
Hydrangeas・Bamboo Lilies
Okuyama Kogen
Pick up!
Lake Hamana Flower tour collection book
You can enjoy both viewing the flowers in bloom and collecting 26 kinds of flower stamps. Lake Hamana Flower tour collection book is sold at 9 places in addittion to The GATE Hamamatsu, and features the purple, red or orange editions (1,600 yen). You can collect flower stamps to commemorate your travel!
The period you can get stamps
February 1st (Mon) to June 30th (Wed)
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